I just wanted to let you know that DD is still with me and is fabulous! She and I have forged a strong bond with each other and I am totally in love with her! She is one of the kindest horses I have had. We enjoy each other. She is always willing to come to me, she is a very people person. Everyone falls in love with her looks and personality. I am so glad I found you and her because she is truly a dear friend and companion. She shares her pasture with a tennessee walker named Beau, he can be a bit of a bully, but she can hold her own.

I just wanted to let you know how we are doing and thank you again for a wonderful horse. May god bless you in al you do.


After visiting Shabri's farm, our family fell for Allie as she was taking us under her wing as well. Allie is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. A true original black beauty. With the care and training that Chip and Shabri provided for Allie, she is everything that we could ever want in a horse. We purchased her in late 2007 and were so excited to add Allie to our family. In fact, we were so happy with Allie and the quality of professionalism from Shabri's organization that after visiting again, we knew we had to own Kitty also. We purchased her in May 2008. Kitty is very good natured, and a very fast learner. One of our favorite traits about Kitty is her unique markings. Chip and Shabri breed a very wide range of quality Missouri FoxTrotters.

Thank you from the Greer family, Lee's Summit, MO

"In  the spring, I traveled to Missouri to look at some Missouri Foxtrotters for clients of mine here in Canada.  On a misty Missouri morning, I met Chip and Shabri and their horses. It was altogether a wonderful experience.  The horse I was there to see for a client was all that was advertised and more.  After watching Chip ride her for several minutes floating across their front lawn, we bought Nell. Not only did Nancy ( my client) get a lovely, well started horse that she is more than happy with, but we found Shabri FoxTrotters to be well managed down to the crossed T's on the pedigrees.  Professionalism, thoroughness, and integrity are words that describe their business attitude. Friendly,  honest, kind and caring horse people describe Chip and Shabri.  We look forward to our next trip south in the spring and visiting them again."

Barb Fenwick

"Nick is a sweetie. I love his personality."


“DD is totally different than my pokey old gelding!.... It is nice to know that I don't have to nag, or constantly urge my horse to move out. You have done a wonderful job training her.”


"Nell is amazing. I can't say enough good things about her. You can just tell that she came from a loving and caring home by the way she interacts with people. She's calm [but certainly not a deadhead], level-headed, intelligent, loving , beautiful and smooth-gaited to boot. I'm so thrilled to have her and I want Shabri to know she has a good and loving home with us. I don't know if they ever loped her, but it's heaven........like floating on a cloud."

Nancy M.

"I have bought from these folks & I can't say enough about their breeding/training & doing business with them. They are top notch."



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